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About Rev.Ben Eragbai

Rev. Ben Eragbai is a man of God with an apostolic mandate,integrity and unquestionable character. He is the founder and president of Divine Appointment ministry at the heart of Lagos, Nigeria.

He is also the Executive Producer and Principal host of DIVINE POWER, a television broadcast aired nationwide and internationally. Rev Eragbai is the host Pastor of War Against Satanic Manipulations, an outreach program that holds annually at National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos- Nigeria with overwhelming multitude in attendance. He is an author of several bestselling books and a graduate of the University of Benin, a man of integrity, with unquestionable character, a lover of God and philanthropist who has succeeded in removing a lot of “area boys” from the streets of Lagos of which some are now members of the church, while others are Pastors in other Ministries.

Rev Ben Eragbai is a multi gifted international and motivational speaker, bestselling author, Pastor and Bible expositor with special revelational insight into God’s engrafted word.

He is married to Iquo Ima Eragbai who is also a Minister. They are blessed with children

Teaching Ministry

The pathway to greatness starts with taking responsibility and leadership itself is responsibility. Leadership is developing a teachable spirit which is neither selfish nor self centered. It is the ability to let go the ideologies of your background and your past for God’s own ideologies. If a man can learn to take responsibility then it is a matter of time, the sky will become his starting point.The school of wisdom and power class under the leadership of Rev.Ben Eragbai, the General Overseer of Divine Appointment Ministry Int’l is an interactive session prepared for every christian who want to be nurtured on the basic teachings of the scripture(1 Peter 2:2). 

This school serves as the entry point of members into the church. The basic foundational teachings of the bible like New life in Christ, Christian Maturity, Prayer and fasting,Evangelism, Giving, Water baptism , Holy Ghost baptism etc is expounded in dept to the students who attend this class.

The session is made up seven powerful topics which makes the period of the school eight weeks after which the students are prayed for and empowered to join any of the working group of the church.

In this school, the President Rev Ben Eragbai, through the wisdom of God takes time to train the students, both the matured and the new babes in Christianity the basic truths of the scripture which is the word of God. He also takes time to expound the truth concerning some of the controversial doctrines thriving in the body of Christ today such as – should a lady wear trousers?, the mind of God concerning covering of hair, during services or in church etc These and more are questions being handled in this school. The students at the same are allowed to ask any question concerning the bible and Christianity at large. And since the inception of this school, there has been numerous testimonies from the students.

Healing Mininstry

The Cessation of Healing Miracles in the Ministry of Rev.Ben Eragbai is extra-ordinary. God has worked unusual miracles  through  the hand of  General Overseer of Divine appointment ministry int’l  and He is still using him up till this present time in various services and events programs in both church branches ( D.A.M.I Headquater Ajah  and D.A.M.I ilupeju).


Also God has worked tremendous healings and miracles on  “A NIGHT OF WAR AGAINST SATANIC MANIPULATIONS”  a powerfull outreach programs  which holds annually at National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos- Nigeria with overwhelming multitude in attendance.

Publishing Mininstry

Rev.Ben Eragbai is an author of several bestselling books and a graduate of the University of Benin. He is also the best selling author of the masterpiece ” Power for daily living” A book that  has helped a lot of Nigerians and africans  as a whole to  navigate there road to greatness.It has impart a lot of people with divine wisdom & power to live a life of total dominion. 

Also other books like (Your Seat Will Not Be Empty, Favour On Every Side , Power To Trouble your Troubles , War against marital delay , e.t.c has help to impart a lot of lives spiritually,maritally and morally.