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BLIND EYE RESTORED: My right eye was totally damaged according to medical  report. My Doctor told me that there was no remedy for me to see with the right eye except I do operation to replace it with an artificial eye because it is completely damaged. During the 7 Nights of Total Recovery, our Pastor prayed for divine healing upon the congregation and that was a turning point for me. Suddenly, that right eye was divinely healed and restored. I can see and read with it perfectly and clearly now. God is awesome! Bro. Eric

HEALED OF LIVER DISEASE: I had sharp pain in my stomach which made me to seek medical attention. After several tests, the Doctor told me that there is a cut in my liver which made me to be afraid. My husband and I came to see our Pastor for prayers. Then Papa took the medical papers from me,  laid it on the altar in the Church and told us that it is not the final result. The affliction kept coming intermittently. But at War Against Satanic Manipulations crusade held at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, God healed me totally. After the program, I felt no pain again. So, I went to do another test and the medical result shows that my liver is functioning perfectly. No liver cut, malfunction or failure. God has given me a brand new liver. Thank you, Lord for more than enough healing and Help From Above. Sis Ijy

HEALED OF PEPTIC ULCER: I had peptic ulcer for many years which I have been trying to treat medically yet no remedy. This made me to be eating uncontrollably; every two hours daily. Then someone invited me to one of the 7 Nights of Total Recovery. In one of the services, the Pastor prayed for sick people and the following day, ulcer disappeared. I even had to fast to proof the healing. Now I am healed and made whole.  Sis. Remi

7 YEARS MIGRAINE GONE FOREVER: I have been nurturing migraine headache for 7 years. In fact, I inherited it from my father. In the Night Of Divine Intervention Service in Ajah, our Pastor prayed for the sick and particularly emphasized on people suffering from migraine headache. After that service that was the end of the infirmity. Right now, I am healed, sound and healthy. Glory be to God. Sis. Bimpe

6 YEARS LIVER PAIN EXPIRED: I have been suffering from liver pain for six years now. When I got home after communion service one Wednesday, I started vomiting some funny things from 10pm to 3am. Though I felt physically weak after the experience but I suddenly realized that the six years liver pain just stopped. Thank you, Jesus. Bro. Collins

DEAFNESS IN THE EAR EXPIRED: During the September Edition of Night of Divine Intervention, Papa called out people with ear issues which for me was a big malady in my life. I can hardly hear clearly with one of ears which often come with acute pain but as Papa-Rev Ben Eragbai prayed for me, I noticed instantly that I can now hear well with that ear and the acute pain is gone. Thank you, Lord. Sis. Dami

HEALED OF POLYCYTHEMIA: Some time ago, I was sick, so I had to go to the hospital where I was diagnosed of an ailment I have never heard before. It is an ailment which causes excess production of red blood cells in the body. If the sickness triggers, I will not be able to walk for 3 days. I had to compulsorily donate blood on a weekly basis and the more I donated blood, the more I had excess blood in my body system. But during “Oh Lord Settle Me” conference, God healed me perfectly. That  affliction has expired. Thank you, Jesus, The Mighty Healer. BRO ABI

FOUR YEARS ACUTE PILE GONE:I had chronic pile for four years. It was so bad that I could not sit down conveniently. During one of our services while our Pastor was praying for people that are sick, I received instant healing. Now I can sit, jump and run at will. Thank you, Mighty Healer for healing me. Bro. Kingsley

HEALED OF DIZZINESS: For the past two weeks, I used to experience cloudy effect as if smoke was all over me. Within that period, I was always feeling choked and fainting to the extent that I fell while walking on the road on two occasions. But in Divine Appointment Miracle Service, the Lord healed me perfectly and permanently. Sis. Deborah

ANOINTING STOP BLOOD VOMIT: I crossed into year 2017 sound and healthy. But on a particular night,  precisely the second week of January, I suddenly felt an urge to vomit and I started vomited blood for hours. I was so perplexed and confused. I drank water yet it did not stop. Then I drank the water blessed by our Pastor during our breakthrough service and within two seconds, it stopped  and that was the end of it. Thank you, Jesus for saving my life. Bro. Henry

HEALED OF CANCEROUS BOIL: My sister had cancerous boil that defied medical treatment. In the process, she was given medical appointment for operation. So, I invited her to our program, War Against Satanic Manipulations. During ministration, our Pastor gave the word of knowledge that God has just healed someone with cancerous boil. That was on Friday night and on Monday, the boil dried up. God is awesome. Sis Mary

VICTORY OVER STROKE BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS: I have been hearing the voice of death for sometimes now. My father and mother died of stroke in their early 60s. I am now in my early 60s and started feeling symptoms of stroke. During one of our communion services, I took the Holy Communion and that was the end of it. Stroke expired just like that, now I am perfectly healed and I no longer hear the voice of death. Thank you, Jesus. Sis. Catherine

HEALED OF FUNGUS INFECTION: I had excruciating pain due to infection on one of my toes. It was so bad that I could not sleep well. I went to hospital and the Doctor prescribed medications which I took but did not get any better. In one of our All Night Services, the Lord healed me of that affliction totally. Glory be to God! Sis. Anna

DEAFNESS EXPIRED: During the September edition of Night of Divine Intervention, Papa called out people with ear issues which was a big malady in my life. I could hardly hear clearly with one of my ears. In fact, I used to experience acute pain in that particular ear but as Papa - Rev Ben Eragbai prayed for me, I noticed instantly that I could hear well with that ear. Also that acute pain is gone. Thank you, Lord. Sis. Dami

HEALED OF CANCEROUS WOUND: A neighbor of mine who is 23 years old complained to me that her breast was paining her to the extent that purse was coming out of it. It was a re-occurring problem, it has happened to her before. She consulted a Doctor who told her that she needed to do an operation on the breast. So, I gave her the water that our Pastor blessed in the Church and communion to take. So, after some days, she went back to the same Doctor who conducted a fresh test on her but there was no trace of that purse. She was healed just like that. God is awesome! Sis. Grace

HEALED OF INSOMNIA (SLEEP DISORDER): I used to suffer from insomnia, I could not sleep. But as I drank from the water blessed by our Pastor during War Against Satanic Manipulations at the National Stadium, Surulere I received my healing. Now I can sleep very well. Thank you, Jesus for healing me. Bro. Frank

SIGHT RESTORED:  I had an auto accident a long time ago which affected my left eye. I was unable to see and read well with that eye but during our Mega Grace International Convention last year, the Lord healed me perfectly. Now I can see clearly with my two eyes. Thank you, Jesus for restoration.  SIS VICTORIA

Rev. Ben Eragbai is a man of integrity, a man of unquestionable character, a lover of God and a philanthropist who have succeeded in removing lot of bad boys from the street of Lagos of which some are now members of the church and some Pastors. Rev Ben graduated from the popular University of Benin - Edo State from 1985 to 1989. In 1990 he proceeded to GLIM Bible College

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